Who are we?

Mischa Koops and Nout van Heumen are the founders of Tom-Lock.

Mischa Koops has been working since 1989 in various positions in the commercial vehicle furnishing sector. In 2002 he started his own installation company BIW (Commercial vehicle furnishing West) and in 2017 his second company, FBI (Friesland Commercial Vehicle Furnishing).

Nout van Heumen is an inventor/designer of all kinds of technical masterpieces. For more than 20 years he has been designing and engineering all kinds of products for international companies. Whether it's espresso machines or a wobble-free patio table; With his ingenious technical insight, Nout will always give it his own twist.

In 2019, Nout and Mischa decide to design a high-tech furnishing system that will not only excel in functionality, but will also become the most sustainable system in Europe. Everything has to be right, so without unnecessary or vulnerable parts. Moreover, the indestructible Tom-Lock device is easy to transfer to the next vehicle. If the device is economically written off after 15 years, the product is fully recyclable

After two years of intensive design and the building of various prototypes, forty vehicles have been fitted out and extensively tested.

They really started in the summer of 2021 and many large and small fleet owners have now opted for Tom-Lock and hundreds of mechanics have already experienced the convenience of their Tom-Lock commercial vehicle equipment.