Designed for heroes

Tom-Lock commercial vehicle equipment is for the mechanics who fix your installations in the dead of night. For the craftsmen who install, assemble, build, place and fix. For all the men and women who do what needs to be done every day. For these heroes we make Tom-Lock. So that they have more time for themselves and everything else that makes life better.

Exactly as you wish

Tom-Lock gives you complete freedom. Due to smart sizing of the system, Euronorm bins, Schoeller bins, Systainers and Raaco cases and other solutions fit perfectly. Everything is built with standard fasteners.

So do you want to redesign a bus or have an idea to improve the bus interior? Choose from the
- standard cabinets

- sets of floor drawers

- search specifically for your bus
contact one of our dealers

Our dealers use our Tom-Lock configurator (TLC). With it, they can offer customized cabinets, drawers and accessories for your commercial vehicle(s) and make an appropriate business proposal. Also take a look in the Gallery with pictures of commercial vehicles fitted by our dealers.

 Exactly as you wish

Nowhere a gram too much

The system easily survives 3 buses and is therefore easy to transfer. Tom-Lock is designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. It has a timeless, lightweight no-nonsense design.

Everything is right. So without unnecessary, fragile plastic grips, caps and clips.

With Tom-Lock you send the backbone of your business on the road with the very best material.

Want to know more? Please contact us, we are happy to help.

 Nowhere a gram too much

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